Each TWO EMS DESIGNS, S.L. Menina is handmade to order. While production does not start immediately, materials are purchased after a 5-10 hour lead time and a place is secured in our artisans’ production line.

According to our company philosophy we do not believe in intensive manufacturing of products, therefore, we do not keep stock. Our approximate creation time for each Menina is specified individually.

Manufacturing lead times are provided individually for each Menina and begin once the purchase is made. Lead times refer to the time required to complete the Menina in production; also including packaging and transit. Lead times are an estimate and are subject to change at any time. As the pieces are handmade to order, specific completion dates cannot be provided.

Our team of specialist installers guarantees quick and easy delivery and assembly. They take care of transport, assembly and know our delicate Meninas inside out. All our deliveries include a comfort delivery, i.e., delivery inside your home, in the room of your choice. Our installer will take the Menina upstairs, remove the cartons, assemble the pieces if necessary and place the Menina in its final location in its new home. You can be sure that our installers will deliver your Menina in perfect condition!

Meninas must be inspected at the time of delivery. If anything is incorrect or the piece was damaged during shipping, this is the only time the buyer will be able to indicate problems with the Menina. Please denote any damage on the delivery document and reject delivery in necessary cases. A signed delivery document confirms that the order was delivered as ordered, without damage.


Payment by bank wires, debit/credit card or Bizum (in Spain) is required for the full price of the Menina at the time of purchase.


All our materials are variable and subject to change. Each of our Meninas is unique and subject to variation in colour, characterization, species, texture, etc. Please review other examples of our work to confirm that you are comfortable with the potential variation. Please allow a dimensional tolerance of 1cm on every piece.

Because each Menina is made specifically for our buyer, we are unable to offer a guarantee. Please ask us any questions you may have to ensure the proper care and longevity of your new Menina. As is typical with natural materials, there may be some cracking and colour change to the piece; this is not unusual, quite the contrary: It demonstrates its authenticity and charisma!

If the piece(s) shows faulty craftmanship within 180 days, we will do our best to provide repairs. No Menina may be returned without the written consent of TWO EMS DESIGNS, S.L.

Any custom designs or sketches are the creative property of TWO EMS DESIGNS, S.L. This purchase agreement is subject to change. Any changes made will take effect when updated on the TWO EMS DESIGNS, S.L. website. Purchases made online are subject to these terms and conditions.

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