Materials and product finish on image:

Upper part: Insignis pine solid wood
Steel finish: Blackened coat
Wood finish: Hazelnut tone


Dining table

Dimensions (cm)

Height 78 x Width 200 x Depth 100


Bracket: Welded industrial steel sheet.

Presence is the very best substantive to explain what our Menina MARIONA feels like. This table creates expectation: she downplays whatever is around her, and all eyes are captivated by her presence. MARIONA is, with no doubt, the Menina that you need in the centre of your home’s main room. Robustness, distinction and vigour.

MARIONA is the perfect combination between the most industrial steel and the warmest wood, which makes her a real fantasy.

Very real.

Unique designs for exceptional people.

We can also create your dream Menina.

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