Materials and product finish on image:

Steel finish: Matte clear coat


Coffee table

Dimensions (cm)

Piece 1: Height 50 x Width 50 x Depth 50 | Piece 2: Height 45 x Width 45 x Depth 45 | Piece 3: Height 40 x Width 40 x Depth 40


Bent industrial steel sheet.

AURA is the perfect Menina to be with while doing what you love the most in that very special corner -or corners 🙂 – from your house. Beauty, temperance and versatility: this table is manufactured in three unique pieces and designed in steel.

You can combine her as you please: keep AURA altogether as a single table or divide her for different usages.

Unique designs for exceptional people.

We can also create your dream Menina.

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