Materials and product finish on image:

Upper part: Solid spruce wood
Steel finish: Gloss clear coat
Wood finish: Oak tone

2Xs -Letters Collection-

Dining table

Dimensions (cm)

Height 78 x Width 200 x Depth 100


Bracket: T-100 welded industrial steel.

2Xs menina is part of the exclusive Letters Collection. Together with her sisters, 2Xs is a breath of dynamism, strength and stronghold. This table is made of metallic structures that are not usual in home furniture. We have reconsidered and redesigned it. We have given a new life to the industrial style classic T-100.

By the way, for the upper side of this menina, we have added a touch of wood. Solid, of course.
2Xs: X from XO and X from X-factor (“wow” factor).

Unique designs for exceptional people.

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